2018 Advent Devotional – December 31

New Year’s Eve

Psalm 8:2a


As I am writing this devotional it has been a joyful few weeks leading up to Advent. Late this fall, we welcomed into the family, Jacob Thomas, our grandson. I also got the opportunity to visit with our 18-month-old granddaughter, Cora, who lives in North Carolina. Grandbabies are a marvel, watching them grow and learn. Bill and I are anticipating having everybody in our immediate family in Tampa for Christmas. It will be a fun time and as we call it “controlled chaos”!

Here we are . . . awaiting the beginning of a new year! New opportunities and experiences will be upon us. Many will be eagerly anticipated or be a startling surprise; some may be unsettling, filled with unknowns and anxiousness. Either way, we know we have a Savior who delights in us and is always our source of strength.

Entering this world as a baby, the Light has come for all mankind. Jesus is worthy of our praise.

-Penny Oliver


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